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With a vision to evangelize and to spread the Gospel in North India, Pastor A.J Samuel came to Indore (MP) in 1961 at the age of 25 yrs. In the initial days with meager source and means started his work among the locals of Indore with a burden to reach the perishing folks for the kingdom of God. He Fought every ups and downs of life and started spreading the Gospel. The efforts and struggles that Pastor took to spread the Gospel started bearing fruit in later years and eventually the Church started growing and lot of people from within and around the city started coming to church.

Pr. A.J Samuel & Wife

In the year 1986 with the effort of church members and Pastor A J Samuel a church building was constructed at 52 B Vandana Nagar, Indore thereafter with a view to spread the Gospel in rural areas the church took the burden to encourage the believers in rural areas and subsequently to equip them with biblical knowledge the church came up with a seminary i.e. Indore Evangelical Seminaryin the year 1995. During the past 23 years nearly 180 students graduated and are now placed in their home towns and are involved in spreading the Gospel . Now in the recent past 6 to 7 years the church in Indore has grown drastically, and majority of the inmates being 1st generation believers. Now the church building constructed in the year 1986 has limited space to accommodate the congregation, hence the church service has been split to Four sessions.
Apart from the above the church is involved in community transformation project among the downtrodden. The community service was started with a view to uplift them by way of giving their kids education, food, clothes etc. In the guise of giving these kids education and other facilities the project was able to proclaim the love of God.
The day to day financial requirement of the church is being borne by the church from the voluntary support / offering and tithe.  The church is independently supporting 20 ministers of God and taking care of their day to day requirements. 09 servants of God are ministering within the vicinity of Indore city . 11 evangelists and pastors are ministering in neighboring districts . By the grace of God and through the word of God people are being transformed to the Kingdom of God.
Church was also involved in various community development projects with the partnership with World Vision for over eight years. Then We undertook Child Development Projects thru the help of Compassion India. We were also involved in Projects for Street Children thru Rajeev Gandhi Foundation.